Who am I


Hey you, Welcome to the tunnel of techknowlogy. My name is steves victor from India, and here to introduce you, the new, rare and bright knowledge of tech.

I completed marketing from the most recognized and multi-national company called “Google”. And is a google certified marketer, And started this single. But i know i have a lot of viewers in further go and i got encouraged myself since you the family i had and i tool this step. I hope and i believe that you’ll never make my thought down.



Tech, Fa gi to`

Probably you may be wondering what does this means, I mean the Tech, fa gi to`. So, if you are surprised of this than I need t thank you because I made it for you to get surprised and it happened yaaay..!!!

But however, obviously Tech means you do know and since i want to give you the Techknowledge which means indirectly im feeding you the ‘Food’. And yes Fa gi to` means FOOD in GREEK.

Im giving you the Tech, fa gi to` means the Tech, food. That’s it.


What is Tecognition.com


Well, you may be wondering how to pronounce this particular word tecognition. But wait, First let me tell you what does this means. So this is started because of my intention that is to give rare and bright knowledge of technology and that’s how it started.

The meaning.

The process of acquiring rare & bright knowledge through thought, experience, and sense throughout the whole is what we called tecognition. I know I know you actually searched the meaning but yes it will not be found on the web because this is my own creation when combined two words. So this can’t be explained in the words take a look at the below picture.