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iPhone 5G

Hello everyone, I’m back with another wonderful future tech prediction. iPhone 5G is about to launch very soon, is the topic going to be discussed further. So if you are the Apple phone lover then sit back and just go on.

So, in the further go iPhone 5G is going to launch and here Apple is working on its own 5G antenna. Apple is expected to launch new iPhone models with different display sizes in 2020.

However, the recent report has shown that iPhone 12 will come in three size versions, including 5.4 inches, 6.1 Inch and 6.7 Inch.

But the company is going to release two models of 6.1 Inch. The 6.7-inch models will be with 7.4mm thickness, which will be nearly 10% thinner than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

And moreover, it also claims that the 6.7-inch model will be slightly taller than iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iPhone 5G

Although it is not going to be available everywhere, 5G is undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest selling points for all the major smartphone creators this year.

And guess what, Apple is one among those companies even with the reports that the company is going to release more than one smartphone with 5G support.

And, here comes the main point among the whole. According to the report by Fast company, Apple is or may not opt to use Qualcomm’s own QTM 525 mmWave antenna module.

But it will be using Qualcomm X55 modem on its iPhone 5G and is going to design it’s own 5G antenna for it.

REASON: iPhone 5G

iPhone 5G

Here we go into the reason why do the Apple company is getting into a decision of changing its antenna from Qualcomm QTM 525 mmWave antenna to designing it own 5G antenna using Qualcomm x55 modem.

So, there are probably two reasons, for the decision made.

  • Reason #1: If still the company move on with the Qualcomm’s QTM 525, then it would result in a more ‘Thicker iPhone’ than Apple wants.
  • Reason #2: Apple have to pay more royalties to Qualcomm if it still decided to go with its parts.

And these are all the possible reasons why Qualcomm is been going to be abandoned by Apple.

Here, iPhone 5G would use a “phased array” antenna that uses two parts to form a signal bean and this beam is able to be steered electronically.

The biggest challenge in creating a 5G antenna for mmWave is that they are more difficult to design because of higher frequencies.

If you remember the antenna developed by apple is called “antennagate” which is the bad design made by the company. And the iPhone 4 was been manufactured by this antenna which resulted in signal dropping if held in the wrong way or direction.

iPhone 5G

And because of this incident happened in the past, I believe that Apple has learned the lesson and obviously it is a good thing. Because they took the risk and been failed only, they came to know that this way is not gonna work.

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