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Happy Diwali celebration is going to happen with WhatsApp stickers this year. And it’s going to be a huge fun using those fireworks in offline and as well as now online too. It’s off-course fun using those stickers in the WhatsApp and expressing the happiness and the feelings that are revolving deep inside the mind and the heart with friends and families and yeah sometimes the persons who are more than them. haha yeah you got it..!!!

Happy Diwali Whatsapp stickers

So let us know how to celebrate this festival of Happy Diwali with WhatsApp stickers and express your feeling towards your loved ones.

So the first this I have to tell you is that these Diwali stickers in whats app made more convenient to the android users and not IOS users that means these stickers can be used by andriod users very easy to know more if you are an IOS user then see below.

But yeah not so simply there is a little bit of process for both the users to use these stickers.

So if you are the Andriod User then here are the steps you need to do:



Download Personal Stickers For Whatsapp application from Google Play Store.


After that open WhatsApp, and then open the chat for whom you want to message and open the keyboard


Click on the Smiley button next to it .. You will find Smiley, GIF and Sticker options by Clicking on the stickers you will see a + button on the right side. You can add stickers by clicking on it.


There you can add Diwali stickers and send them to your family, friends, Loved one, Everyone you’d like too.

That is with this simple 4 steps process you can add those stickers to your Whatsapp and send them. Now let us go to the process of the second kind of Operating system that is IOS.

Happy Diwali Whatsapp Stickers


So here IOS users cannot use the stickers directly from but you can resend them if some Andriod user sends you them. Let me tell you clearly If I am an andriod user and you are an IOS user so here you cannot directly download the app and send them.

But instead you can send them I mean resend them when I sent you, You got it right ..!! here, below the process.


First, go to the Google Play Store and download the Whatsapp Sticker Maker For Whatsapp application.


Now Click on the New Sticker Pack option.


Now Provide the sticker pack name and other information there. Remember the stickers you use through this app cannot be used by another.


Click on the New List option that appears over there. Then another page with a sticker tray will open.


Now, Add the Sticker Pack icon there and click on Next Tray to add the new Customized Sticker there.


The pack then asks you to select the photos in your gallery or take new photos.


Once you have selected the photo, the photo will be uploaded to the image editor. You can also crop those photos to get stickers as you wish.


After adding the sticker to the pack, click on the Publish Sticker Pack option.


After that, the sticker seeks permission to add in WhatsApp. If you set up the permissions then you are good to go which means you can use that sticker on WhatsApp. Celebrate your Diwali by sending these stickers to your family, friends, and relatives.

Well, that’s, for now, thank you for spending your valuable time here with me and i honestly respect that, Have any doubt? Feel free to comment in the comment section.


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