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Google Search | Add Me To Search | Google New Update | Tecognition

Add Me Search

Google has come up with a new update where you can develop your business a lot. Google search made a new Google update called ‘Add Me To Search’. You can develop your business a lot through this Google search ‘s Add me to search update.

This particular update is so-called ‘Add Me To Search’ and this can even get you fame and name if you use it in the right way.


  • You can be known when searched in Google with the particular keyword that you choose to be found. [ If you don’t know what does ‘Keyword’ means, then click over here ]
  • You can become famous and get name, if you are a small influencer too.
  • Your business will obviously grow with this google search ‘s new update.

What is ‘Add Me To Search’ ?

Google Search

So, basically or in a very simplified language, Google’s new search update ‘Add Me To Search’ means the “business card in a digital form” .

Yes, this particular update is broughtup by google in order to help out the startups and the small businesses that are striving to get into the field and make money.

Google search made a great update where a business can get developed on its own by doing and following some marketing strategies.


This update is purely for #free and you have to make use of it, because this can give you great hype and take you to greater heights.


In this virtual business card, you can include almost everything like website links, links to your social profile and basically everything that you want people to about you.

And, you know what !! you can even get a lot of followers to your social profiles like Instagram, Facebook, some other and etc.


Google Search

Important: Google doesn’t guarantee that your card will show up on Google Search. The more info you provide in your card, the more likely it will show up in Google Search results.

  • STEP #1: On your mobile device, go to, or open the Google Search app Google.
  • #2: Search add me to google or edit my people card.
  • #3: At the top of search results, you’ll find the option to add yourself to Google Search. Tap Get started.
  • #4: Fill out the information that you want to share publicly on your card. These fields are required:
    • Summary
    • Profession
  • #5: At the bottom, tap Preview.
  • #6: If you’re satisfied with your card, tap Submit.


  • It can take up to a few hours for your card to show up in Google Search results. If you share a name with someone famous, you might need to add a distinguishable term to your profile. This term will help other people in their search query.
    • Example: “Aamir Khan food Blogger” or “Aamir Khan tutor.”

What you need:

Add Me To Search
  • An Android phone or tablet, or an iPhone or iPad
  • A mobile browser or the Google Search app
  • A personal Google Account [ If you don’t have Gmail account, create now ]
  • Web & App Activity turned on
    • Important: This feature is only available in India for users that have their set language to English. This feature isn’t available yet on desktop


  • Keep your information up to date
  • Generate your people card with suggestions for fields such as “hometown” or “profession”
  • Only include information about yourself


  • Must respect the rights of others, including intellectual property and privacy rights.
  • One must not include negative, derogatory, or comparative statements about other individuals, groups, events.
  • Must not in any way promote, incite, or support hate, violence, or unlawful behavior.
  • Should not contain solicitation or other forms of advertisement.
  • Should be a true representation of who you are and what you do.


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