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create gmail

So, firstly why do we need a Gmail? And why there’s a need to create gmail

Yes, we need Gmail for any personal works, transactions, and etc..In simple words we need Gmail for any personal work and when there’s a movement where no one have to see or hack the messages we made in the conversation.

Now, lets know how to create gmail account. I’m gonna tell you, step by step very clearly how to create gmail account.


Open whatever the browser you are using. but I prefer the chrome and Mozilla firefox. Here are some of the search engines like google,yahoo.etc. But here the most popular and best search engine is google. I’m just giving you the suggestion but it’s your wish what to use and how, so this is the window opens 

Create gmail


Then after you have type create gmail. Here we go there comes a window pops up again where you have to signup. So let’s see the window that pops up. 

Clicking create an account link


There it is, so here you have to click on the button “create an account”.So after this, you have to give your details which means you have to sign up into it.


This is the window that opens up when you click on ‘next’

So there you have give your details that it asks. You have to give your

  1. first name
  2. last name
  3. password 
  4. re-enter the password 
  5. mobile no.
  6. your gmail (how you wants to look your Gmail has)

   NOTE: Remember your password is 8 characters long as well as strong since this is the personal one you have to also maintain it personally. So let the password be stronger.

One more thing is if the Gmail you’ve chosen is taken which means, if the Gmail you choose while signing up is already used by someone then there will be a message showing its taken, that’s the time you have to use another one.


Now, there will be an OTP (one-time-password) verification code sent to your mobile then enter the code. But here sometimes there will be captcha appearing if so type the captcha too and the click continues. Here is the verification window.

and then after you have to keep your profile picture and other privacy settings. 

That’s it…


Your account is created now, so this is the five steps to create gmail account very newly. if there any doubt about that then click on this Instagram button and do follow and me the doubt you were carrying. feel free to comment about anything you wants to know so that i can satisfy you guys. This is how you can know how to create gmail account.



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