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How To Download Instagram Videos & Photos for Free in PC | Tecognition


  • in this article, you’ll know how to download Instagram videos and photos into your local disk.
  • The thing you need to remember is this process is to download on a personal computer to a computer or laptop.

Now the question comes, why should I choose only this method of downloading Instagram videos and photos.


Well, here’s the explanation to choose only this method. So there might be a lot of applications out there in digital stores.

But did you ever observed that most of the applications ask for the permission grant and guess what that permission granting to access your privacy data?

And thats the reason you need to choose this way/method to download the media from Instagram to directly your local disk.

Why? because this which im about to tell will not ask for any permission granting and never access your private data. That is the reason this.

So, we’ve known why to choose this, now if you’re okay with my reason then please continue, and if not that is okay.


First thing you need to do is Open your browser or chrome and open the chrome webstore. If you don’t know where do chrome webstore is then click this link

Download instagram videos


Then type ‘ Fastsave for Instagram ‘ in the search bar or else click on this link: Downloader for instagram

Download instagram videos


Click on the ‘ ADD TO CHROME ‘ button on the top right corner and there will be a pop-up that comes asking you to click on ‘ Add Extension ‘. See the above picture.

After that it takes few seconds and then that extension will be added to you browser and you can see that extension on the top bar and on the top right corner

And that’s how you can download Instagram videos and photos from this extension very easily and also for free.


  • Very simple, what you need to do is go into the Instagram profile you want to download media from.
  • Place the cursor on the photo or video you want to download you’ll find an option as ‘ Download ‘ on the picture or video itself.
  • Simply click on Download and directly the photo will be downloaded into your local disk.

That’s it, that’s the process to download Instagram videos and photos into your local disk without granting any permission for third-party applications and without losing your privacy data.

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If you want to download Instagram media on Andriod then click this #link

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