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How to setup WhatsApp payment and use | Whatsapp pay | Tecognition


In this piece of article, you’ll know how to setup WhatsApp pay feature and use that for paying digitally. This will be very useful in means of paying online.


In the above line, i just said that this will be very useful and it is because it is based National Payment Corporation of India [ NPCI ] unified payments interface. And i think many of us don’t know what does Unifies Payments Interface means, but we know [ UPI ], haha, well, however, UPI stands for that.

So, in this kind of situation of corona virus and all this kind of spreadable plagues, it is very important for us to take care about ourselves and should not touch other without any precautions.

And most of the times the virus will be spreaded by the touch, i mean not because the sense of touch but because of the cough they do on their hands and so on.

WhatsApp Pay

That’s the reason, this digital payment applications are there, this makes us to do whatsapp pay, digitally or online, which makes no need to touch someone while exchanging the cash because of some XYZ reason.

So, here’s exactly the image demonstration of how to set up WhatsApp pay and send, receive money.


STEP 1: Open the WhatsApp in your mobile.

2: On the top right corner there will be three dots, click on them.

3: Then click on the Payments Option and it will redirect you to another tab.

4: And now, it asks you to add the payment method, click on Add Payment Method Option

For better understanding, here are the pictures i made from my own WhatsApp and showing you. Take a look below.

WhatsApp Pay

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WhatsApp Pay

STEP 4: Now, it asks you to select the bank in which you have the account, select the bank where you have the account.

STEP 5: And now, it ask you to verify that it is you through sending SMS. You need to allow the permission for WhatsApp to make and manage phone calls.

STEP 6: After verification completed successfully. it shows you all your accounts that are linked with that particular bank, Select which one you want.

STEP 7: Tap on done button and that’s all, your process of setting up WhatsApp Pay is completed.

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