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Infinix Note


  • Infinix has launched two new smartphones under its Note 7 series called the Infinix Note 7 and 7 lite.
  • These are the two new smartphones under the series of Note 7.
  • The Infinix Note 7 series features with punch-hole displays, 5000mAh batteries and more.
  • The phones will come with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Infinix has launched these two smartphones under the Note 7 series and so-called them Infinix Note 7 and 7 lite. The important thing we concern about this is that these phones are Infinix’s new entry to the budget segment. Here, Note 7 series features a punch-hole display and the 5000mAh battery life. And not this at all, there is a lot. The main thing we see when it is the matter of mobiles is that the ‘camera’. Isn’t that right? let me know in the comments.

Well, let me give a sneak-peak, hehe. So the mobile has a quad-camera setup and with very good clarity. I mean the quality It has. Let us get into the detailed specs of the mobiles.

Infinix Note 7 specifications :

The Note 7 and the whole 7 series were actually on the official website of them and the Note 7 sports a vast 6.95-inch High display. This is powered by the \ G70 processor which is paired with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage.

And additionally, there includes a microSD card slot which is up to 2TB[ Terabyte ] ROM [ Random Access Memory ]. And one of the latest features or the spec that the company introduced with these latest versions of 7 series is that of the fingerprint was the side-mounted sensor.

Here comes the most exciting part of the whole thing. So this is about the camera’s this phone contains. Well, the Note 7 has a quad-camera setup on the rear. And the megapixel it has is 48MP as the primary camera, and also a 2MP macro sensor, 2MP depth sensor, a low light video camera.

And now, the front side cameras of the mobile phone. So the front side is of 16MP punch-hole camera which is obviously for selfies. And this phone has a round camera on the top left corner.

Infinix Note 7 specs

And this mobile has a wonderful battery, which is of 5000mAh with beautiful fast charging support of 18W And the mobile runs on Andriod 10. Okay, now let jump into the second series of the 7 series. Note 7 lite.

7 Lite specification :

Infinix Note

Infinix has launched another two new smartphone of its note 7 versions. They are of infinix note 7 and Infinix note 7 lite. Know the price and specs here.

So, the Note 7 lite version has 20:9 aspect ratio of resolution with the dimensions of 720 x 1600. It has a 6.6 inch HD [ High Definition ] + IPS display [ In-plane switching ]. It has a punch-hole cutout feature on the top and in the front like how the Note 7 has.

The Note 7 Lite is powered by MediaTek Helio P22 chipset and is combined with a 4GB[ gigabyte ] of RAM [ Random Access Memory ] and 12GB of ROM [ Read Only Memory ] which is also called as Internal memory. Also, the MicroSD card slot is provided by name storage expansion.

Now, again coming to the most anxiety part, the camera. So the Note 7 Lite is 48MP as primary with a 2MP depth sensor and 2MP macro sensor and a low light sensor.

This is having the power-house of 5000mAh battery with 10W [ Watts ] charging support. And 8MP is the front camera. And that’s all about the 7 series.

I know, I know, you’re actually searching for the price of the beautiful mobile phone. But here’s the point, the price of the mobiles is not yet known. However, if we make a price expectation about both the mobiles then, it would be priced in between Rs.7000 – 10,000. And also this was expected to be launched on June 10th, 2020.

Infinix Note 7 lite

While coming to the colors the mobiles come in. The Note 7 will be available in Black, green and purple. And the 7 Lite series will be in Blue, Green and White colors.


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