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Mi laptop is going to be launched on june 11th | Mi Notebook | Tecognition


Mi laptop is going to be launched on June 11th and this is declared officially by Manu Kumar Jain the head of Xiaomi India.

Xiaomi india also posted a teaser of this Mi laptop which is also called as Mi Notebook in the twitter unveiling the upcoming Notebook.

Mi laptop or Mi notebook will make its debut on june 11th and xiaomi is hosting a virtual launch event on the same day in the month of June and the time was 12PM [ Noon ].

The best thing about this is that live streaming will happen on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and the company website.

However, the link for live streaming has not yet been shared but might be shared after a while as we are going out of the days near to the launch.

So, Mi Notebook is not only the product that was going to be launched on june 11th. But, also there are several Mi Product that are scheduled to launch in the same day.

Mi laptop

In addition to the Vanilla Mi notebook model, Xiaomi will alos bring a Mi Notebook Horizon Edition, however, there is not much information about this edition,

But, a little sneak peek of this is like – It comes with 14Inch Full-HD bezel less screen, DTS Audio support and SSD [ Solid State Drive ] Storage.

Maybe, this will be the awesome Mi Laptop the Xiaomi was about to release. However, there is not much specifications are revealed about this Mi notebook, but, there are some sneak peek unveiled by Xiaomi Official Twitter account, take a look at it.

So, as you can see that they are giving some kind of clues to find out something – like for example they said by the hashtag as “#MakeEpicHappen without running for the sake of charger every now and then”.


So, according to Xiaomi, Mi Notebook or simply called as Laptop will support slim bezels, and hence high screen-to-body ratio and additionally, the presence of 10th gen intel core i7 processor has been confirmed.

And the Laptop is claimed that it is going to offer 12hours of battery life and includes the Full-HD screen.

Xiaomi says that it will be a high-end flag-ship level laptop and that is meant for the power of the laptop for the users.

The bad thing about this is the budget. I mean, if you are thinking that this will be the budget laptop, then, it sorry to say. Because it might not be the budget friendly because, it was in the level of high-end flag-ship.

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