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Something which is making a huge influence in the whole world is the Covid 19. So, the large companies are participating to fight against coronavirus outbreak. Here, the major tech company Microsoft’s bing has developed and launched a tracker called Covid 19 tracker to track the progress of this virus worldwide.

Covid 19 tracker

The website will give all the up-to-date infections statistics for each country. This is an interactive map that allows users to click on the country to take a deeper look at that particular country and also the related article from different publishers.

Microsoft has made an addon live dashboard to its Bing search engine in order to help the users keep tracking the spreads of the novel coronavirus.  The dashboard can be opened by typing and named as Covid 19 tracker.

This shows the total number of confirmed cases along with the list of countries and their situations or conditions. This includes countries like China, Italy, Spain, Germany, and some other countries.

Every output that comes through this Covid 19 tracker was genuine because according to the Microsoft corporation the information was been from sources like World health organisations [WHO], Centres for disease control [CDC], European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Covid 19 tracker

Google has also launched a website where to inform the status of coronavirus in different regions, besides this it will also provide the tool that will allow people to check whether they have symptoms or not.

Its been already established in Bay Area first for testing and there is the temporary drive through coronavirus testing locations being set up in San Francisco already.

“More than 1700 engineers are working on the site”  says Donald Trump in a press meet.

The site was fully a Team effort of Microsoft’s Bing and this offers anything significantly different from other trackers over there.

WHEN IT IS LAUNCHED: Covid 19 tracker

The Covid 19 tracker was actually launched on the Sunday of this month 2020. Not only this, on Monday Alphabet’s Verily launched a coronavirus screening website for Santa Clara and San Mateo in California.

So, some of you may be wondering that what is the Alphabet’s Verily and soo right..!! and if so, then Verily is the kind of sub-company of Google which is actually focused on life sciences and healthcare.

Covid 19 tracker

The website is an Online screener based on the guideline from the public health officials which will actually help people learn whether they are fit for the testing through the Verily program.

In order to get eligible for the screener, the users much are US residents who have to be aged 18 yr with a Google Account and they must be willing to share health information with Google.

” So far corona virus has killed more than 6500 and the infected are more than 169,661, which is approxiamately 2 lakhs people. So it is we who have to take care of ourselves” Be careful and make care of other too.

And that all about the tracker thats actually tracking the Active cases, recovered cases and the fatal cases. And you know the drill that if you like the content then SHARE because it is FREE. Thank you for coming, Meet you..!



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