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Microsoft Project xCloudMicrosoft has announced that it’s now opening up its Microsoft Project xCloud preview for iOS users. The company has made the service available to 10,000 testers via Apple’s TestFlight program and currently available in Canada. US, UK

Microsoft Project xCloud is that the company’s game streaming service, just like Google Stadia. It allows users to stream PC and console games on all their devices.

With this service enabled users don’t have to be compelled to download the games to play them instead, the games are going to be hosted on Microsoft’s servers and therefore the users can stream the games directly.

Microsoft Project xCloud

The preview service has been available to Android users for a few time now. However, the Android and therefore the iOS versions of the service don’t seem to be similar and have loads of differences.

Major differences being that the iOS preview doesn’t support Xbox Console Streaming (Preview) and only comes with one game, which is Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Microsoft in a very statement has said that this is often due to the Apple App Store’s rigid policies.

The iOS preview was made available through invitations on a primary-come first-serve basis. And currently, the program is full. However, the corporation has announced that it’ll cycle through registrants for testing purposes, thus opening an opportunity for others to participate within the preview.

Microsoft Project xCloud

  • If you would like to check out Project xCloud, you are required to have a Microsoft account connected with your Xbox Gamertag.
  • Your iOS device should be running iOS 13.0 or above and must have Bluetooth version 4.0.
  • You will even be required to own an Xbox One Wireless Controller with Bluetooth.
  • Microsoft recommends users have an internet connection to 10Mbps down bandwidth and also a 5GHz connection if using Wi-Fi.

The Announcement: Microsoft Project xCloud

Kareem Choudhry, Corporate vice chairman of Project xCloud at Microsoft, wrote in a formal blog post that over 50 games are now available within the Microsoft Project xCloud Preview library.

You can check the entire list of games available for Project xCloud Preview here. Microsoft has committed to adding more games within the future, giving it a major lead over rival Stadia, which has but one-fourth of that number in terms of games available at launch later this week.

 Microsoft Project xCloud

Microsoft has also announced that it is expanding the Project xCloud Preview to more countries. Next year, Project xCloud Preview will make its track to China, India, Japan, and a bunch of West European countries.

The company has not shared a precise timeline when the game streaming service will debut some more countries, but Microsoft is certainly banking on its arrival in India as a big opportunity.

Moreover, Project xCloud might eventually make its path iPhone and iPad similarly. “We have a prototype app up and running, it’s playing well. We would love for it to launch on iOS, and in due course, it will.

We’re working with Apple”, head of Project xCloud, Catherine Gluckstein, said in an interview with The Verge. Microsoft will reveal more details about upcoming games, market-wise launch dates and more for Project xCloud within the upcoming months.

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