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Octa-core processor

There are different types of processors out there, but which is the best one and which one I have to choose ? is this your question then you are at the right place. Because here you’ll know about processors, different types of processors and about the most powerful processor called ” Octa-core processor “. So, stick with me till the end and don’t skip. Let goo..!!

So, first let us know what we are going to have in this particular session of Tech, fa gi to`. Down is the contents.



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So, now lets know one thing first, its like a note but however i know My viewers [ Family ] is sharp enough to understand that this is a Note even without me mentioning the sub-heading as NOTE.

*All the processors are cool and that the reason they are still there, among that octa-core processor is cooler than and that doesn’t mean you should only buy that probably. if you are in need of then you can. END OF NOTE.


Octa-core processor

Let me tell you the Formal definition of processor and then i’ll tell you in the informal way which is our way.


A Processor is the logic circuitry that responds to and processes the basic instructions that drive a computer. The CPU is seen as the main and most crucial integrated circuitry (IC) chip in a computer, as it is responsible for interpreting most of the computer commands.

I know i know, most of us don’t understand this and that the reason people ending up with failures even in high-school times. And from that failures comes the successive people like you and me. So lets see the Informal definition of Processor


So, basically like how we humans have brain and it instructs us for not to touch the harmful things and unwanted stuff,

FOR EXAMPLE: There was a hot and very hot dish waiting for you on the dining table in the kitchen and it makes you to eat it as soon as possible. But you wait till it cools down, why? because your brain instructs you not to touch because it is hot.

And that how The processor works, Processor is the brain for a computer. It takes input from us and its job is to give the perfect and appropriate output according to our input command.

And that’s about Processor. The processor consists of cores and this cores makes the big difference in the processors and Processor is called as CPU [ Central Processing Unit ]


Octa-core processor

So, there are only two [2] types of processors out there, but the myth is they say there are many. No..!!!!

There are two types of processors and difference happens is through cores and they are of [1] Single core Processor [2] Multi-core processor.

[1] SINGLE-CORE PROCESSOR: So single-core processor is something which has only i core. Which means it can do single work at a time and cannot do many work at once. This is called the ” Single-core processor “.

[2] MULTI-CORE PROCESSOR: Here the name itself says that ‘multi’ means many and this is the processor that can do many works at once and there are types in this multi-core processor. They are divided of 3 for now and are [A] Dual-core processor [B] Quad-core processor [C] Octa-core processor

Dual processor

[A] DUAL-CORE PROCESSOR: Before getting to what is dual core processor ,let us know what does the word means ? So, ‘Dual’ means two and there was 2 single processors integrated or implemented as one ans known as “Dual-core processor”. This can do dual works at once.

[B] QUAD-CORE PROCESSOR: Quad means ‘four’ and there were 4 processors combined together as one and called it “Quad-core processor”. This can do a bit of many works.

[C] OCTA-CORE PROCESSOR: And as like the same, the word ‘Octa’ means ‘eight’. Obviously we got into definition isn’t it..!! So, octa-core processor means the processor where 8 processors integrated and implemented in one single processor is called “Octa-core processor”


In simple, Dual-core means ‘ One square where two squares were integrated and Quad-core means ‘again one square where 4 other squares integrated and in the similar manner the octa-core processor too. Thats about the types ot processors, If you didn’t get what it is then there is a video down below, check it out.


Octa-core processor

The 1st Processor or also called as was emerged in the early 1970s and used for electronic calculators. Intel introduced the first 4-bit processor 4004 in 1971, and intel 8008 is introduced in 1972 which is 8-bit processor. But since there was some performances issue it created another 8-bit processor called ‘Intel 8080’ in 1974.


So, if it is the high work you’ve been involved in then you should choose 8 core processor which is the octa-core processor. Because there will be no stoppages or hangs while you’re doing the work and this makes the PC run smoothly.


That, actually depends upon you. because we use different types of processors for different kinds of work and work difference will make you to choose one particular processor.

But if you are like heavy computer person and uses the PC very now and then, then you can buy the high-end Processors like 8 core processor which is octa-core processor.


Now, coming to the best part of the whole session of Tech fa gi to` is the conclusion. So. which one you should choose and use ? is the question right…!! if i guessed correctly then make a comment as YES.


Okay however, if you are a person who just own a PC [ Personal Computer ] for the home purpose or for just commonly then there is no need for you to choose and buy the high-end processors, because there’s no need.

But steve what should i choose then ?? well, you are good to go with Dual-core processor.

And it you’re a person who work very continously and without rest like browsing and opening another tab to a side and doing some Adobe works and doing some super cool gaming with awesome then, you have to Choose and use the Octa-core processor. It make everything very smooth and clean.

And, if you want mobiles whch are with Octa-core processors then there are the brand new mobiles yet to launch check My article on Motorola Edge Plus.

Well, that’s all about the processor and everything. i think i cleared all your doubts, if not comment me so that ill make it up with it.

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