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python class

There is a piece of very good news I bought on, So the Multi-national company Google has launched a coding course to train the workers and also the certification also provided for the python class you attended.

So, first of all let us what is python and what are its uses, moreover what is the use for us by learning and attending the python class ? The answer if explained in the same manner of paragraphs, you would not understand. So let’s look at the answer pointwise.

  • So, obviously the well known primary answer is that Python is a programming language.
  • Moreover, Python is listed among top 10 programming languages by the TIOBE programming language community.
  • So, python is a well-used programming language globally.
  • Python is used for creating desktop GUI applications, web applications and to create a website and of course many more.
  • And also python is the high-level programming language.

So, now the actual question comes, Being so many programming languages out there. what is the reason to learn Python and attend python class ? If this is the question, then below is the answer.

  • Python is a coding language, yes it has the name as the coding or programming language. But in fact it is not, Which doesn’t mean that there is no need for us to code. NO, but there is very need for us to code.
  • Python is that language that enables us to code very easily and in fact, we can learn it very easily compared to other programming languages.
  • Because the rule of using Syntax is very simple in Python when compared to other code languages. This which in turn makes you create something creative very easily. And there are several reasons why you have to choose Python as your first preferred language to get educated with.
  • But i don’t this is not the right place to say those reasons, i mean the article is about python class that are introduced by google and hence python reason will become another article.
  • So, if you are interested in getting known about the reasons. Then, leave a comment YES.

Now, it became too late reveal the whole new of python class by google. So let us quickly jump in.


Python class

  • The US-based company Google has introduced a brand new “Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate” a program that is intended to produce job-ready skills in Python, Git and IT automation in under six months.
  • Python is now the foremost in-demand coding language, and over 530,000 U.S. jobs, including 75,000 entry-level jobs require Python proficiency.
  • With this new certificate, you’ll be able to learn Python, Git and IT automation within six months,” Natalie Van Kleef Conley Product Lead, Grow with Google, said in a very statement on Thursday.


  • The program includes a final project where learners will use their new skills to resolve the problem they may encounter on the work, and this is like building an online service using automation.
  • Back in October last year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and White House advisor Ivanka Trump announced a program to give 250,000 Americans training opportunities to get educated with technology skills.
  • At the time, Pichai also mentioned that Google’s program for certifying IT professionals will expand to 100 US community colleges by year ending of 2020.

To ensure learners from underserved backgrounds have access to both IT Professional Certificates, will fund 2,500 need-based scholarships through nonprofits like Goodwill, Merit America, Per Scholas and Upwardly Global. Along with top employers like Walmart, Hulu and Sprint, Google considers program completers when hiring for IT roles,

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