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There are many sites and applications where we store our information. But, the application that is storing our information and also giving us the pleasure is WhatsApp and now why Whatsapp is not working.

Why whatsapp is not workingwhats

Yes, you heard it right, Whatsapp is not going to work on some phones and you know what, because of that the whole information which is been stored in our app will be erased.

So, now the question comes that why Whatsapp is not working and how can we save our information that has been stored since? If you are with a similar question then, you’re at the right place and you will find the answer here.

In order to know what is the solution to the question. First, let us know the reason for this.

As we all know recently Whatsapp is been sold out to Facebook, which means Whatsapp is now Facebook’s. So as updated on the FAQ section of the Facebook-owned messaging app, there are several smartphones that will not be able to run the app here is the reason it is .because the company will withdraw support for older versions of OS.

According to the details provided on Whatsapp’s Frequently asked questions [FAQ], Andriod phones running on Andriod version 2.3.7 and lower as well as iPhone that are with IOS 8 and lower will not be compatible with this Facebook’s messenger app in a few weeks.

Whatsapp also made a factic statement that these older versions of Andriod and IOS OS’s can neither create a new account nor re-verify the existing account from next month onwards.


  • So, how to avoid the question WhatsApp is not working and be cool without losing any information of us. So here is the solution if you are still using these lower version OS on your phone. Let see pointwise.
  1.  Open the chat you want to save.
  2. when the chat is opened, you need to click on the 3 dots located on the top right corner.
  3. And then you’ll get an option export chat. 
  4. You’ll then be moved into another option like export chat with media or without.
  5. And then click on export, boom…!! you’ve successfully exported and saved your content and chats.

Now, lets know the list of operating systems that aren’t going to work with the WhatsApp.

  • Andriod versions 2.3.7 and older versions.
  • IOS 8 and older versions.

Now, let’s take a look at the versions which are compatible with this new era of Whatsapp.

  • Andriod versions that are running with OS of 4.0.3 and plus.
  • iPhones running with IOS 9 and plus.

There is also another choice, where if you are with Kai OS 2.5.1 and plus including JioPhone and JioPhone 2 then this whatsapp is campatible with too.

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