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Xiaomi has launched its new version of power bank, the brand new Xiaomi MI power bank which is actually wireless. This wonder peace of wireless power bank has launched today that is on 16/03/2020 [Monday].

MI power bank

Xiaomi launched the 10000mAh Mi power bank which is wireless that supports up to 10W fast charging. This MI wireless power bank is priced as Rs. 2,499 and is coming in black color.

This is the power bank that is Qi-certified and also supports the two-way fast charging and not only this but also it supports up to 18W wired charging.

Well, you may be wondering what is Qi-certified? right !! so, Qi-certified is nothing but it is the Qi is the standard of wireless of energy transmission. So, since this Mi power bank has the wireless charging ability, it has got the title Qi-certified.

Moreover, it comes with USB [Universal Serial Bus] Type-C input. But the thing is that there is no MI mobiles in India with wireless charging support. This one is available to purchase on the official Mi.com website.

However, the company does have Mi 10 and Mi 9 smartphones in the market globally with wireless charging support that are likely to debut in the country soon.

And in fact, this should set the stage for MI  and MI  pro that is launched in China last month and set to debut globally on March 27.

This brand new Mi power bank is said to come with 12layers of protective design which actually protects and safeguards it from the most common problem among the power overheating and because of this protective layer, this can be safeguarded.

However, this awesome brand new Xiaomi’s power bank is coming at the very cheapest price and moreover being wireless is an awesome feature that Mi has brought into.

MI power bank


  • So, this power bank is contained with 10000mAh power or battery.
  • Xiaomi has provided 10W fast wireless charging support on its 10000mAh MI wireless power bank that is based on Qi
  • The power bank offers up to 7.5W wireless charging on compatible iPhone models.
  • And additionally to 10W wireless charging for Andriod devices.
  • Besides, giving wireless charging of 10000mAh wireless power bank has up to 18W fast wired charging support.
  • This power storage also supports the two-way charging, in which two devices can be charged at once.
  • The Power bank comes with USB Type-C input that supports 18W fast charging.
  • This one has a great grip while holding because this has non-skid wireless charging support.
  • This awesome feature lets you easily put your glass back-featured smartphone.
  • Moreover, the company says that it has 12 layered advanced chip protection.
  • This makes protection that shields devices against issues like overheating, over current, short circuits.
  • The power bank’s dimensions are of 147.9 x 70.7 x 16.6 mm and weighs over 230 grams.4

MI power bank

CONCLUSION: So, if you’re looking for that tiny, i mean not that much but a handy device to charge your devices while traveling or when the is no power in the house, then this one is the right choice at the reasonable price.

And that is all about the brand new MI power bank, which is very recently launched today. If you like the content, then you know the drill..!! Make the SHARE because it is FREE. Thanks for coming, Meet you..!


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